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One Team, One Dream

At HuliHealth, we like to sum up our internal philosophy as "one team, one dream": we’re a diverse, talented group who have come together to pursue a common goal. Meet the HuliHealth team members who are working to bring about transparency in the world of healthcare.

Meet the team

Doctor Advisory Board

Doctor Advisory Board

Our Medical Advisory Board is an integral part of our team. These medical professionals are not only essential in the development of our product, but also keep us up to date with regards to the latest healthcare trends and innovations.

Alejandro Vega

Alejandro Vega (Chicago, IL)

Education: Wharton MBA; University of Pennsylvania (Lauder Institute); BS Industrial Engineering, Louisiana State University.

Why Hulihealth?
Simply put, I want to make the world a better place. And in order to make a global impact, I knew I had to focus on a global problem. One of the areas in which I felt I could have the biggest impact was in healthcare. What most people don’t realize is that – while their own country has its specific healthcare challenges – ALL countries face a universal challenge: lack of transparency in healthcare quality and cost.

Kennt Chan

Kennt Chan (Cartago, Costa Rica)

Education: Computer Engineering, Costa Rica Institute of Technology.

Why Hulihealth?
Looking for an opportunity that would prove to be both a challenge and have the possibility to bring a positive impact to society, I found myself joining HuliHealth as the first member of the engineering team. Here at HuliHealth the responsibilities are big and the work even bigger (such is the life in an start-up), but we have an awesome team and no shortage of ideas.

Steve Vega

Steve Vega (Heredia, Costa Rica)

Education: Systems Engineering, Universidad Latina.

Why Hulihealth?
I joined HuliHealth because I knew I was facing a unique opportunity to do something I had always dreamed about, being an entrepreneur and also building a project that positively impacted others’ lives. Being able to create a high quality product and working with really talented people is a great motivator and makes me proud to be part of the HuliHealth team.

Orlando Rivera

Orlando Rivera (San José, Costa Rica)

Education: Industrial Engineering, University of Costa Rica.

Why Hulihealth?
When I first heard about HuliHealth, I thought "Wow, this is an idea that can literally revolutionize the entire Health Industry!" I desired to join the team not only because it was a very innovative idea but because I am excited to take on the great challenge of turning the idea into a reality!

Mónica Arroyo

Mónica Arroyo (Alajuela, Costa Rica)

Education: Chemistry, University of Costa Rica.

Why Hulihealth?
Becoming part of the HuliHealth Team has brought a lot of motivation to my life because it is a project that was born to innovate, make a true difference, and become a unique offering in the healthcare industry. By offering the user an exclusive experience which provides relevant information in a clear, honest and transparent manner, HuliHealth is accomplishing this transformation. I love being part of the team because our main goal is to provide the best service for the benefit of the community.

Mónica Rojas

Mónica Rojas (San José, Costa Rica)

Education: Master's in Sociology: Urban Geography, University of Louisville; Biology: Natural Resources Licenciatura, Universidad Nacional; BA in Biology, Universidad Latina.

Why Hulihealth?
I love working at HuliHealth because I feel I can make a difference in the experiences that patients have with their doctors. When I was first introduced to HuliHealth, I was impressed because it was the most innovative idea I have ever heard for the health system of Costa Rica. Being part of the great transformation in healthcare is exactly why I joined this amazing project.

Marcela Rivera

Marcela Rivera (Cartago, Costa Rica)

Education: Public Relations, Marketing, and Communications, Universidad Latina.

Why Hulihealth?
I love working at HuliHealth because I believe it is a project that will benefit many Costa Ricans! I'm the kind of person who loves a challenge and creative ideas. Simply, I consider myself one to fall in love with what I do. Thanks to our amazing team and all the hard work we do on a daily basis, we'll keep seeing positive results.

Kasen Lam

Kasen Lam (San José, Costa Rica)

Education: Computer Engineering, Costa Rica Institute of Technology.

Why Hulihealth?
I joined HuliHealth because it was a unique opportunity to work alongside a top team with passionate people who are determined to make a positive change in society. In HuliHealth we all share an entrepreneurial spirit as we work hard to incorporate new ideas and continually improve our offerings. It's been proven that access to information allows people to make better decisions. We aim to create a unique experience that provides clear and transparent information in the Healthcare Industry.

Lizeth Barrantes

Lizeth Barrantes (San José, Costa Rica)

Education: Nutrition License, Universidad Hispanoamericana

Why Hulihealth?
I have always believed that we as people deserve the best in all aspects of life. It is up to us to make the difference, improve the world, and not fall into complacency. When I found out about HuliHealth, I immediately knew that I would want to be part of this unique, innovative, and inspiring company that is dedicated to making a positive change to the traditional ways in which people find top quality medical information. I simply could not pass up on the opportunity to be part of and to grow together with such an extraordinary team composed of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who are motivated to always do the right thing and improve the lives of others.

Yulissa Walters

Yulissa Walters (Cartago, Costa Rica)

Education: Industrial Design Engineering, Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Why Hulihealth?
I stumbled across HuliHealth as a mere life coincidence and it has been by far one of the best opportunities I have had. Working with a team so highly motivated and of such high quality inspires me and pushes me to grow personally and professionally every single day. Entrepreneurship is not easy but the fact that we are generating a positive impact on society is an incredible fulfillment. Being able to make a difference, challenge myself, and be part of such a cool team in my own country is truly inspirational!

Fabian Hernandez

Fabian Hernandez (San José, Costa Rica)

Education: Computer Engineering, Costa Rica Institute of Technology

Why Hulihealth?
I joined HuliHealth motivated by the opportunity of working and learning from some of the best programmers and being part of such a wonderful team while having a chance to have a positive impact on society. I have always been attracted to innovating ideas and making good ideas become valuable…HuliHealth really depicts a place for that! There are still hundreds of challenges, but with hard work and focus we will accomplish all of our goals. Working at HuliHealth has been an enriching experience and I am confident that there is no better place to be.