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Héctor Nava Leyva

Héctor Nava Leyva

General Surgery

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  • Hospital San Ángel Inn UniversidadXoco, Benito Juárez, Ciudad de México, Mexico
    Av. Río Churubusco # 601, Colonia Xoco, Mexico City. Building Torre Médica 2. Floor 5. Office 537.
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  • Torre FronteraCDMX, Ciudad de México, Mexico
    Frontera 74 Roma Nte. Cuauhtémoc 06700 Ciudad de México, CDMX Floor 5. Office 520-2.
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About me

One of the main reasons is the physical study of the human being. It seems too interesting to be able to know my body and learn how everything works together, to understand the ailments, illnesses and other conditions that the human being can present throughout his life. Especially surgical procedures since it is the only surgical solution to surgical conditions. Another reason why I chose this race is because it seems to me that there is nothing else
It is gratifying to be able to help people with medicine, to be able to provide quality care and an excellent service; Another reason is that the knowledge acquired through the years of study is very large I chose this career because it is not like many that after certain years of study you no longer need to acquire more knowledge, while in medicine it is a career with a lot of dedication of effort that needs to be updated because there are daily advances in the field of medicine. With regard to surgical conditions it is very reasonable that the patient feels discomfort when talking about the word surgery, however a well-indicated surgical procedure and in the best conditions, can cure and improve the quality of life of our patient.
patient. Always putting our best knowledge of the condition beforehand.

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My studies

High specialty in endocrine surgery. Hospital Universitari de Bellvitge. Barcelona, España.. February 2018 - February 2019
Specialty in General Surgery. UMAE Hospital de Especialidades Centro Médico Nacional La Raza. 2015
Medical Surgeon Degree. Facultad de Medicina UNAM. 2010

My courses

International Fellowship American - College of Surgeons Boston Massachusetts. 2018
Professor Advanced thyroid cancer and thyroidectomy workshop - Hospital Pablo Moreno Llorente Universitari de Bellvitge. Barcelona, ​​Spain 2018

My internships or trainings

Diploma DegreeDiploma in Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery
Diploma DegreeDiploma in teaching professionalization for medical practice - IMSS- UNAM. July 2016
Diploma DegreeDiploma in Medical Ultrasonography Applied to the Cervical Region - La Salle University.
Diploma DegreeDiploma in Surgical and Multidisciplinary Management of Obesity - Dr. Rubén Leñero General Hospital Obesity Clinic. August 2017-November 2017.
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I treat these medical conditions:

Inguinal hernia
Masses in the neck (enlarged lymph nodes, cysts or tumors)
Thyroid cancer
Umbilical hernia
Abdominal pain
Hiatal Hernia
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Certified by the Mexican Council of General Surgery.

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My publications

Management of a borderline ovarian tumor in a pregnant woman in a rural hospital: a case report Carlos Eduardo Álvarez-Ponce, Héctor Nava-Leyva, et al., Case Reports in Clinical Pathology, 2015, Vol. 2, No. 3, URL:,
Obscure gastrointestinal bleeding due to multifocal intestinal angiosarcoma. Dolores Navarro-Chagoya, Héctor Nava-Leyva, et al. International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 10 (2015) 169–172.
Open repair of ventral hernias with posterior components separation technique. Edgar Vargas-Flores, Héctor Nava-Leyva, et al. Revista Hispanoamericana de Hernia. 2017,
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