Nora Mayela Alcázar Chavarría

Nora Mayela Alcázar Chavarría

Pain Therapy ClinicInterventional pain medicine

Patient Demographics: Adult, Eldery
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  • Hospital CIMA, Clínica de Manejo Intervencionista del Dolor - Dra. Nora AlcazarSan Rafael, Escazú, San José, Costa Rica
    San Rafael de Escazú; Building 1. Floor 5. Office 04.

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Procedures (22)

Injections with platelet-rich plasma
Radio Frecuency Therapy for disc herniation
Radiofrequency for painful shoulder, knee and hip
Radiofrequency for Trigeminal neuralgia, carpal tunnel and other nerves
Ablation by Pulsed radiofrequency nerve
Annuloplasty and / or nucleoplastias, lumbar, thoracic or cervical
Blocks or transforaminal lumbar infiltrations, thoracic or cervical
Epidurogramas and myelograms
Implants intrathecal baclofen pump
Implants stimulation of peripheral nerves
Intrathecal implantation of morphine pumps
Locks or lumbar, thoracic epidural injections and / or cervical
Lumbar Epiduroscopias
Lumbar, thoracic or cervical discography
Radio Frecuency therapy for arterial vascular insufficiency
Regenerative and antiaging medicine
Spinal cord stimulation
Spinal stimulator implant
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Medical conditions (19)

Chronic joint pain
Cronic lower back pain
Herniated discs
Lumbar disc hernia
Trigeminal neuralgia
Back pain
Carpal tunnel syndrome
Cervical pain
Chronic cervical pain
Myofascial syndrome
Occipital neuralgia
Pain vertebral crush
Painful scars
Pelvic pain
Sciatic nerve pain
Thoracic disc herniation
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General Info

About me

"In every medical act, the respect for the patient and the ethical and moral concepts must be present, then science and conscience will always be on the same side, on the side of humanity." René Favaloro.


English, Español


  • Subspecialty in Interventional Pain Management. Universidad de Puerto Rico. 2008
  • MBA in Health Services. Universidad Santa Lucia. 2006
  • Subspecialty Pain Therapy. Universidad Westhill. 1994
  • Specialty in Anesthesiology and Recovery. Universidad de Costa Rica. 1988
  • Doctor of medicine and surgery. Universidad de Costa Rica. 1985
  • Radiofrequency course in Chronic Pain Management - La Paz, Bolivia


  • World Congress of the World Institute of Pain - Maastricht, Netherlands


  • Neuromodulation course - Buenos Aires, Argentina


  • Course on Interventional Pain Management - Valencia, Spain


  • Fellow: Spinal Cord Stimulation - Memphis, Tennessee


  • Fellow: Spinal Cord Stimulation - Baltimore, Maryland


  • Fellow: Spinal Cord Stimulation - Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Postgraduate Degree

    Ozone Therapy Training Program - Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa. Sinaloa, Mexico

  • Postgraduate Degree

    Course on Regenerative Medicine with the Application of Ozone activated Growth Factor Concentrates in Aesthetic Medicine, Orthopedics and Traumatology - University of Sinaloa. Sinaloa, Mexico

  • Postgraduate Degree

    Course on Intradiscal Infiltration and other routes Ozone Application Routes in the Treatment and Rehabilitation of Spine Disease - Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery, University of Havana. Havana, Cuba

  • Postgraduate Degree

    Course on Progress and Updates in Traumatology and Orthopedics - Clínica Centro Madrid. Madrid, España

  • Internship

    Internship at the Pain Unit - Hospital Clinic de Barcelona, Universidad de Barcelona

  • Internship

  • Internship

  • Internship


  • Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica cod. MED2873 - active

    Medic and Surgeon - Costa Rica

  • 2007 Recognition Certificate for Loyalty to the Institution at Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social
  • 2002 Certificate of Recognition for the work in the field of Teaching - Department of Surgery, University of Costa Rica
  • 1998 Diploma of Recognition by the Congress of Costa Rica for the Advancement of Medical Sciences
  • Former Associate Professor, Department of Surgery - University of Medical Sciences (UCIMED). San Jose Costa Rica
  • Former Professor of Undergraduate Course, Department of Surgery - Faculty of Medicine, University of Costa Rica
  • Former Professor of Anesthesiology Postgraduate Course - CENDEISSS, University of Costa Rica
  • Former Professor of the Postgraduate Course of Emergency Medicine - CENDEISSS, University of Costa Rica
  • Founder and Coordinator of the Pain Management Clinic of the Hospital San Juan de Dios - Costa Rican Social Security
  • Chief of Anesthesiology and operating room - Hospital La Anexión, Guanacaste
  • Member of the Commission of Accreditation of Pain Care establishments
  • Coordinating Member of the Examiners for Joining the Subspecialty of Pain Therapy
  • Member of the Committee of Ambulatory Major Surgery - Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social
  • Head of the Department of Ambulatory Surgery - Hospital San Juan de Dios, CCSS
Publications & Presentations
  • Expositor en Congreso Medico Nacional : Manejo Intervencionista del Dolor Exposición en Congreso de Ortopedia y Traumatologia: Alternativas Terapeuticas en la Hernia de Disco Exposicion Manejo del Dolor Orofacial. Sociedad de Cirujanos Endodoncia. Costa Rica Expositor Sesion Clinica Hospital Cima San Jose: Manejo Intervencionista del Dolor.Manejo de Dolor CronicoExpositor en Sesión Clinica Hospital San Juan de Dios : Clinica y Terapia del DolorExposicion Sesión Clinica del Centro Nacional de Rehabilitacion: Tecnicas Intervencionistas en Manejo del DolorExposición en Congreso Ramonense .Alternativas terapeuticas en la Hernia de Disco,Simposio Internacional de Dolor. Colegio de Medicos y Cirujanos de Costa Rica