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HuliHealth website launched to connect ex-pats to medical pros

HuliHealth Inc. today announced the launch of their website,, an international database of doctors and dentists that connects expatriates with high-quality health care.

HuliHealth allows users to search for doctors and dentists by several criteria: location, specialty, procedures of focus, availability, ratings from previous patients, and more. Searches can then transition to communications with doctors and booking of appointments, all of which are free to the patient. The result is to end the guessing game – or the outright delays of necessary procedures – that many expatriates experience as they attempt to locate quality health care in their new homes.

“When people move to another country, it’s not as simple to find quality health care as it may be back home,” said HuliHealth CEO Alejandro Vega, an alum of the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business. “HuliHealth solves this problem for ex-pats by verifying the credentials of every professional in our database, and by employing a unique rating system that assures patients of their health care provider’s expertise.”

Another exciting feature of HuliHealth is that all participating doctors and dentists provide pricing information for their procedures, a rarity in the health care field. “We’re trying to solve the pervasive problem of non-transparency in health care,” added Vega. “Honest pricing information used to be difficult to obtain prior to treatment, but we just view that as another step towards total transparency in global health care.”

What the press says about us?

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