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About us

Our Story

All of us at HuliHealth passionately believe in bringing transparency and efficiency to the global healthcare industry.

One of the biggest problems every country in the world faces is the lack of transparency in healthcare, particularly as it pertains to quality and costs. Why does the cost of healthcare differ so much between countries, states, or even cities? Worse yet, why does it differ at the same hospital when two different people come knocking at the door? Additionally, how does a person find a good doctor at home or abroad? What are the qualities that make a good doctor? As we attempt to connect people and doctors throughout the world, we aim to bring clarity to these exact questions.

HuliHealth is a doctor booking service that puts all the information needed to make a decision, in your hands. With HuliHealth you can search for top doctors, read their profiles, communicate with them, and book an appointment with ease. All the information you need is at your fingertips: your doctor’s credentials, the price of the care you need, reviews from previous patients, and more. At HuliHealth we’re doing everything we can to close the information gap, move towards total transparency in the health care industry, and get you to your best state of health.

HuliHealth Key Facts

HuliHealth is completely free for patients.
Verified information
Specific doctor information has been verified by the HuliHealth team.
Best price listed
Doctors in our network charge our patients precisely the same amount they would charge any other patient (or even less).
How we make money
Depending on the country, doctors pay a small monthly fee to be listed on our site and/or a small transaction fee every time someone makes an appointment.

Our Name


From the Hawaiian word "Huli" meaning "to flip over".

At HuliHealth, our mission is to revolutionize the world of healthcare: to turn it upside down.

"Huli" also means "seeking": we’re here for people anywhere in the world who are seeking great healthcare options.