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Questions about our health professionals, search results and pricing

Why are the health professionals being displayed in the order I see them? Are certain health professionals paying to be listed higher in my search results?

The search results are ordered based on the distance to your location, availability, opinions provided by real patients or other data points. No health professional is deliberately presented above others for any other reason, and HuliHealth has certainly not been paid to do so.

How do the prices I see on HuliHealth compare to the prices these health professionals offer to their other patients?

All of our health professionals have agreed that they will never charge HuliHealth patients more than the patients they receive through any other channels. So what you see on HuliHealth is the same price that health professional offers to every patient who comes through the door!

Are the prices for real?

Yes, they are. Every price quote you see on HuliHealth represents a health professional’s best estimate of the average cost of performing that procedure. While we can’t guarantee you’ll pay exactly that amount – some patients may pay less and some patients more – the price you see is the best estimate we have as to what the procedure in question will cost.

How are the opinions rating I’m seeing calculated?

Only patients who have booked appointments with a health professional from HuliHealth, and who went to their appointments, are permitted to post opinions on the website. The star opinions you see in your search results represent the average of the overall star opinions left by patients.

Questions about opinions

What are health professional opinions?

Health professional opinions are the lifeblood of HuliHealth! After you book an appointment with your health professional, we want you to write about your experience – what went well, what didn’t go well, and why you would or would not recommend this health professional to others.

Who can write an opinion?

The only people authorized to post opinions are those who have booked and completed an appointment with that health professional from HuliHealth. We added this safeguard to ensure that our opinions are as accurate and informative as possible.

Why should I write an opinion on the health professional?

Our goal at HuliHealth is to enable you to make informed health care choices. We do our part by giving you as much information as possible about great health professionals all over the world – but it’s important for you to play your part too! Writing an opinion that reflects your experiences gets the conversation going, and helps future HuliHealth users to find the health professional who fits their needs.

Does it cost anything to write an opinion? Alternatively, will HuliHealth pay me to write an opinion?

Nope! As a patient, using HuliHealth will never cost you anything. And no, we can’t pay you to write opinions.

How do I write an opinion?

After you’ve booked an appointment with HuliHealth and visited the health professional, you will receive an email with the instructions. From there, open your appointment book; the appointment you just completed will have a link to “Write an opinion”. Once you’ve finished, click “submit” and you’re done. It’s as easy as that!

How should I write my opinion?

We understand that a visit to a health professional isn’t easily summed up in a single five-star rating. This is why we break down the opinion process into multiple components. We’d love for you to tell us as much as you can about your experience: was the health professional’s bedside manner pleasant? Did she communicate well? Did the staff treat you professionally? Was the price fair? All of these things matter to someone who might be considering an appointment with your health professional, so write honestly and fairly!

How long will my opinion be on HuliHealth?

We keep opinions on the website indefinitely; as long as the health professional’s profile is on HuliHealth, your opinion should be attached to it.

What content is not allowed in the opinions?

We have very simple rules, so we reserve the right to partially or totally reject content that violates the following characteristics:

  • - Content for advertising or commercial purposes. Included, but not limited to: links, brands or company names.
  • - Information that is repeatedly shared in a disruptive way.
  • - Content that supports or encourages illegal or harmful activities, that is sexually explicit, violent, graphic, or involves a threat or harassment.
  • - Discriminatory, sexist, homophobic or xenophobic content. None person may be discriminated against because of their birth, race, sex, religion, opinion or any other condition or circumstance personal or social.
  • - Attempts to impersonate another person or entity.
  • - Content that provides personal or confidential data of another person.
  • - Opinions not related to the health professional or the experience in medical consultation.
  • - Biased opinions that show signs of extortion / incentive, conflicts of interest or competition direct.
  • Before posting an opinion, it will be evaluated. In case you violate any point of this rules, it is possible that you will be rejected from our platform.

How are opinions moderated?

At Hulihealth we seek and care for the genuine opinions of our patients, so we take content moderation seriously. This means that we can only reject an opinion if:

  • - The opinion violates any of our previously explained rules.
  • - It is subjective, the objective of the opinions is to give useful and related information about your experience in the consultation with the health specialist and about the care received, the treatment of the administrative staff, the prices, the punctuality in the consultation, the care and the communication you received. For these reasons, we recommend that you describe your experience based on these points regarding medical consultation.
  • - The opinion is irrelevant with respect to the experience of the patient in the consultation with the health professional.
  • - The opinion is related to a consultation that you did not attend or was not attended.

What if we find a conflict of interest?

The opinion will be rejected when there are indications that it was made with the purpose of increasing the general qualification of the health professional. Scheduling false inquiries or offering anything of value in exchange for a positive opinion is prohibited.

Is there any protection to make sure an opinion is genuine??

Opinions cannot be posted on HuliHealth by just anyone. The only people authorized to review a health professional are those who have booked an appointment with a health professional from HuliHealth. This is our safeguard to ensure that all opinions are posted by HuliHealth members who have actually met with that particular professional.

How can I report reviews that do not follow the rules??

In the case of certain types of content, including opinions and responses from the health professional, you can report possible infractions by sending an email to specifying the location of the content and the reason why you think it violates the rules.

Questions about HuliHealth

What exactly is HuliHealth, anyway?

HuliHealth is a health professional booking service that puts all the information you need in your hands. With HuliHealth you can search for top health professionals, read their profile, communicate with them, and book an appointment with ease. All the information you need is at your fingertips: your health professional’s credentials, the price of the care you need, opinions from previous patients, and more. At HuliHealth we’re doing everything we can to close the information gap, move towards total transparency in the health care industry, and get you to your best state of health.

Is HuliHealth really free?

HuliHealth is completely free for patients.

So how does HuliHealth make money?

We make money by partnering with health professionals and dentists. Depending on the country, our health professionals pay a small monthly fee and/or a small transaction fee everytime a patient books an appointment through our website as we provide the software that makes the booking process so simple.

What does HuliHealth mean?

HuliHealth: from the Hawaiian word “huli” meaning “to flip over”. At HuliHealth, our mission is to revolutionize the world of healthcare: to turn it upside down. “Huli” also means “seeking”: we’re here for people anywhere in the world who are seeking great healthcare options.