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Questions about our doctors, search results and pricing

Have doctors been verified?

Yes. All of our doctors’ educational background and license certification has been verified by our team.

Why are the doctors being displayed in the order I see them? Are certain doctors paying to be listed higher in my search results?

The search results are ordered on the basis of distance to your location and ratings provided by real patients – the highest-rated doctors are shown on top. No doctor is deliberately presented above others for any other reason, and HuliHealth has certainly not been paid to do so.

How do the prices I see on HuliHealth compare to the prices these doctors offer to their other patients?

All of our doctors have agreed that they will never charge HuliHealth patients more than the patients they receive through any other channels. So what you see on HuliHealth is the same price that doctor offers to every patient who comes through the door!

Are the prices for real?

Yes, they are. Every price quote you see on HuliHealth represents a doctor’s best estimate of the average cost of performing that procedure. While we can’t guarantee you’ll pay exactly that amount – some patients may pay less and some patients more – the price you see is the best estimate we have as to what the procedure in question will cost.

How are the ratings I’m seeing calculated?

Only patients who have booked appointments via HuliHealth, and who went to their appointments, are permitted to post reviews on the site. The star ratings you see in your search results represent the average of the overall star ratings left by HuliHealth patients.

Questions about HuliHealth

What exactly is HuliHealth, anyway?

HuliHealth is a doctor booking service that puts all the information you need in your hands. With HuliHealth you can search for top doctors, read their profile, communicate with them, and book an appointment with ease. All the information you need is at your fingertips: your doctor’s credentials, the price of the care you need, reviews from previous patients, and more. At HuliHealth we’re doing everything we can to close the information gap, move towards total transparency in the health care industry, and get you to your best state of health.

Is HuliHealth really free?

HuliHealth is completely free for patients.

So how does HuliHealth make money?

We make money by partnering with doctors and dentists. Depending on the country, our doctors pay a small monthly fee and/or a small transaction fee everytime a patient books an appointment through our website as we provide the software that makes the booking process so simple.

What does HuliHealth mean?

HuliHealth: from the Hawaiian word “huli” meaning “to flip over”. At HuliHealth, our mission is to revolutionize the world of healthcare: to turn it upside down. “Huli” also means “seeking”: we’re here for people anywhere in the world who are seeking great healthcare options.

Questions about reviews

What are doctor reviews?

Doctor reviews are the lifeblood of HuliHealth! After you book an appointment with your doctor, we want you to write about your experience – what went well, what didn’t go well, and why you would or would not recommend this doctor to others.

Who can write a review?

The only people authorized to post reviews are those who have actually booked and completed an appointment with that doctor via HuliHealth. We added this safeguard to ensure that our reviews are as accurate and informative as possible.

Why should I write a doctor review?

Our goal at HuliHealth is to enable you to make informed health care choices. We do our part by giving you as much information as possible about great doctors all over the world – but it’s important for you to play your part, too! Writing a review that reflects your experiences gets the conversation going, and helps future HuliHealth users to find the doctor who fits their needs.

Does it cost anything to write a review? Alternatively, will HuliHealth pay me to write a review?

Nope! As a patient, using HuliHealth will never cost you anything. And no, we can’t pay you to write reviews.

How do I write a review?

After you’ve booked an appointment with HuliHealth and visited the doctor, sign into HuliHealth and click “My Account.” From there, open your appointment book; the appointment you just completed will have a link to “Write a Review”. Once you’ve finished, click “submit” and you’re done. It’s as easy as that!

How should I write my review?

We understand that a visit to a doctor isn’t easily summed up in a single five-star rating. This is why we break down the review process into multiple components. We’d love for you to tell us as much as you can about your experience: was the doctor’s bedside manner pleasant? Did she communicate well? Did the staff treat you professionally? Was the price fair? All of these things matter to someone who might be considering an appointment with your doctor, so write honestly and fairly!

How long will my review be on HuliHealth?

We keep reviews on the website indefinitely; as long as the doctor’s profile is on HuliHealth, your review should be attached to it. You are welcome, of course, to delete your review yourself if you so choose.

Can I remove or edit my review?

Sure. Just go to your account page and click “Reviews”. All reviews that you’ve written on HuliHealth are available for reading, updating, or deleting.

What are the HuliHealth review guidelines?

We have a few pretty simple rules. If your review isn’t available on the website after a few days, it’s likely that it might be in violation of one of the below rules:

  • - No offensive language. While we all occasionally may want to praise just how ********* excellent a doctor is, we don’t permit profanity, hate speech, threats, or anything else potentially offensive to our community.
  • - The review has to be based on your actual experience. A statement of something you heard from someone else (e.g., “my friend says this doctor is the best!”) isn’t appropriate review material.
  • - Similarly, the review needs to discuss your experience and not anything else. HuliHealth is not the proper forum for arguments with previous reviewers, political discourse, or anything else unrelated to your experience.
  • - The review should be wholly your own creation. A brief quotation from a doctor’s profile or elsewhere may be acceptable, but please only write things you have the legal right to share.
  • - It’s not helpful to our community to cloud your review with text-message speak (this means no LOLing, please), excessive capitalization, HTML tags, or anything similar.

Is there any protection to make sure a review is genuine?

Reviews cannot be posted on HuliHealth by just anyone. The only people authorized to review a doctor are those who have booked an appointment with that doctor through the HuliHealth appointment booking system. This is our safeguard to ensure that all reviews are posted by HuliHealth members who have actually met with that particular professional.

Questions about medical travel

What is medical travel?

Medical travel is the practice of traveling to another city, state, or country for the purposes of obtaining medical care.

What are the benefits of medical travel? Why would anyone do it?

People travel for health care for a variety of reasons. Sometimes a particular procedure is prohibitively expensive in the patient’s home country. Some patients travel because their home country requires a long waiting period before they can receive the desired health care. Some patients travel because local laws and regulations prevent them from getting the health care they need. Still others travel to visit renowned centers of excellence that possess the best technology. Medical travel is not for everyone, but there are a lot of good reasons to think about it!

Who should I talk to about arranging my trip?

If you need help with travel arrangements, we have identified a highly recommended travel planning service that is very easy to use. Anywhere Costa Rica is a company full of friendly, responsive and helpful individuals that will cater your trip to meet your individual needs. They offer just about every type of activity there is in Costa Rica and truly care to understand your goals when helping you plan your trip. They understand the needs of medical tourism patients and have created a comprehensive Medical Tourism Guide that will answer some of your frequently asked questions. We recommend their service to anyone looking to come to Costa Rica.