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Gloriana Loria Chavarría

Gloriana Loria Chavarría

PediatricsPediatric Pneumology

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  • MED9957 · Physicians and Surgeons College of Costa Rica
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Care of general pathologies of childhood and adolescence
New Born Care


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About me

Since I began medical school I knew I wanted to be a pediatrician. Being able to work with children is a privilege and it's what I enjoy most about my profession. Having good communication with their parents is the key to achieve the greatest wellness for the children's health.

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My studies

Specialty in Pediatric Pneumology. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. January 2016
Specialty in Pediatrics. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. January 2013
Medicine and Surgery Degree. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. December 2008
Doctor of medicine and surgery. Universidad de Costa Rica - Facultad de Medicina. December 2008

My courses

Postgraduate Program in Pediatric Nutrition Boston University March 2020 - October 2020

My internships or trainings

Hospital RotationInternship Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, 2015
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I treat these medical conditions:

Chronic cough
Recurrent respiratory infection
Stuffy nose
Airway inflammation
Bronchopulmonary dysplasia (BPD)
Difficulty breathing
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I worked on:

Medical Assistant Specialist in Pediatric Pulmonology - National Children's Hospital "Dr. Carlos Saenz Herrera", Caja Costarricense del Seguro Social. San Jose, Costa Rica.
Coordinadora del Posgrado de Neumología Pediátrica PPEM UCR
Subcoordinadora del Posgrado de Pediatría PPEM UCR

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My awards

2016 Diploma of Academic Excellence - Best Postgraduate Point Average
2016 Honor Graduation - Pediatric Pulmonology Specialty - University of Costa Rica

My publications

Childhood asthma in the tropics: experience from an outpatient clinic in a tertiary center in Costa Rica. EAACI Virtual 2020.
Association between early hospitalization due to Human Metapneumovirus and asthma symptoms at school age. CIPP XVIII, Tokio, Japón 2019.
Primary empyema due to S.mitis infection: a common disease by an unusual etiology. CIPP XVIII, Tokio, Japón 2019.
Chronic hypoxemia and epistaxis: connecting the dots. CIPP XVIII, Tokio, Japón 2019.
Treating Mycobacterium abscessus in a cystic fibrosis child: first experience in our center. ATS Conference, Washington DC, Estados Unidos 2017.
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