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Sandy Melissa García Baca

Sandy Melissa García Baca

Clinical Psycology

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  • 9715 · College of Psychologists of Costa Rica
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When I made the decision to study psychology, it was because I realized that I had many of the skills required to practice clinically.
I consider that since before I knew that I was able to place myself in neutral positions, I have had a fairly broad vision of the conflict in people's lives, considering that we have a range of possibilities to resolve them assertively.
Additionally, listening attentively always seemed to me to be an act of love towards people, because when someone decides to tell you something, the place where they are placing you is a privilege, because nothing more and nothing less than they are exposing their most vulnerable part to you, something that Human beings are very complicated.
I am an extremely warm and empathic person, two characteristics that seem essential to me when exercising this profession.
Therefore, since I graduated, I realized that I am passionate about this job, and even more so when you see the evolution of patients and as session by session they are able to place themselves in places that allow them to face life with less pain.
The other day a patient told me that one day he was seeing his version of a year ago, and he looked so foggy that it was difficult for him to visualize himself in the future, and now after a year of therapy he has managed to reconstruct his pieces, his desires and that he feels happy to be taking on challenges in his life and focusing on all those goals that were previously impossible to achieve. These types of experiences are so rewarding for me that every day I assume my work with great respect, dedication and commitment.

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My studies

Bachelor's and Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Universidad Adventista de Centro América. 2013

My courses

Intervención en Crisis: (MSc. Verónica Castro. ADRA, Costa Rica 2012).
Seminario Suicidio “Una mirada Psicoanalítica”: Duración de 10 meses aproximadamente, completando un total de 80 horas, impartido por el MSc. Henry Pérez, Costa Rica del 24 de julio del 2018 al 04 de junio del 2019.
Seminario Tratamiento Psicoanalítico del Fracaso Escolar: Duración cuatro meses, 16 sesiones basadas en dos horas cada una (MSc. Henry Pérez, Costa Rica; del 2 de febrero al 24 de mayo del 2016).
Seminario Dinero en la Clínica. MSc. Henry Pérez, Costa Rica; del 22 de septiembre al 19 de enero del 2016).
Seminario Duelo y Psicoanálisis. MSc. Henry Pérez, Costa Rica; del 12 de septiembre al 16 de diciembre del 2014).
Seminario Neurosis Histérica. (MSc. Henry Pérez, Costa Rica; del 12 de septiembre al 16 de diciembre del 2014).
Seminario Perversión. (MSc. Henry Pérez, Costa Rica; 13 de mayo al 26 de agosto del 2014).
Seminario Psicosis. (MSc. Henry Pérez, Costa Rica; 15 de febrero al 5 de mayo del 2014).
Seminario de Ética: (MSc. Ana Lorena Quirós Calvo y Dra. Ina Pryce).
Seminario Terapia de Parejas: duración de un año, completando un total de 96 horas, impartido por el MSc. Henry Pérez, Costa Rica, del 16 de enero del 2019 al 25 de febrero del 2020.
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Centro Educativo San Diego EARTH/ Guácimo Limón Psicóloga Institucional (2016-2017)
Academia Líder/ Municipalidad de Alajuela Encargada del Proyecto Empléate de la Municipalidad de Alajuela (2018,2021)

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